Levels of Dental Care

Wellness Dentistry

  • All dental needs are met for these patients -- those who plan to keep their teeth for a lifetime. They have completed all necessary dental restorations and are considered to be in optimal dental health. They see the hygienist two-to-four times a year, desire a thorough monitoring exam by the dentist each year, and make home care a top priority. They understand that a healthy lifestyle is an important part of a healthy mouth.

Complete Care

  • Complete Care patients are the Wellness Dentistry patients of the future -- committed to keeping their teeth for a lifetime and prepared to develop and implement a plan to bring their mouth to excellent health. They understand that top-notch home care is an important part of this, as well as a comprehensive exam, with full evaluation of teeth, gums, and supporting tissue.

Cosmetic Care

  • These patients are interested in maximizing the attractiveness of their smiles. They know what a great smile can do for their self-esteem, confidence, and success, and they are open to doing whatever it takes to improve their smiles. Cosmetic Care patients may also be Complete Care patients.

Remedial Care

  • Sometimes patients only want their teeth cleaned every few years, and desire short-term, quick fixes for only the most obvious of problems. These patients, for whatever reason, are not motivated to take proper care of their teeth and gums at home. Should they remain at this level of care, they are likely to lose their teeth in their lifetime.

Emergency Dental Care

  • Emergency Care patients visit the dentist only when absolutely necessary -- when in terrible pain or when something is broken or seriously swollen. These patients see dentistry to be about crisis situations, rather than preventative care. Unfortunately, long-term Emergency Care patients cannot realistically look forward to keeping their teeth.