Sleep Apnea Treatment in North Dallas

If you constantly wake up feeling more tired than before you went to bed, or if your fitful sleep and snoring keeps your resting partner awake, it may be time to be evaluated for sleep apnea in Dallas. The breathing disorder affects millions of Americans -- are you one of them?

Sleep Apnea: What It Is, Warning Signs

Sleep apnea occurs in three forms: obstructive, central, and mixed. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the most common type, occurs when the lower jaw and the tongue become so relaxed during sleep they collapse and block the smooth flow of air. Snoring occurs as a result of the partial or complete blockage. Central sleep apnea results from a breakdown of communication between the brain and the muscles that control breathing during sleep. Mixed sleep apnea is a combination the the two.

Symptoms are similar between the forms of sleep apnea, except that sufferers of OSA are highly likely to report chronic snoring, too. Other warning signs of the sleep breathing disorder are listed below.

  • Chronic fatigue and exhaustion
  • Daytime confusion or irritability
  • Waking with a sore throat, dry mouth (OSA)
  • Persistent, disruptive snoring (OSA)
  • Frequent waking throughout the night, as observed by a partner

Because the most noticeable symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring and fitful sleep, present themselves at night, the sufferer is usually not the first to realize there is a problem. Rather, it is the sleep-deprived partner who recognizes the signs of their loved one’s sleep apnea.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea

If you suspect you or a loved one are dealing with the exhausting side effects of sleep apnea, do not hesitate to seek treatment. Sleep apnea has been linked to a number of more serious health conditions, including heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke. In the most extreme cases, premature death has been reported with sleep apnea.

Visit your general doctor to receive a diagnosis for sleep apnea. After discussing your symptoms, he or she will likely refer you to a sleep clinic, where you will undergo a sleep test. Once you have been diagnosed with the condition, you are a big step closer to receiving the relief you seek.

Dr. Greer treats OSA and snoring with appliance therapy. The small, portable device works by holding the jaw and tongue in place during sleep. It’s enough to keep the airway open, stop snoring, and greatly improve the quality of your rest each night.

Removable appliance therapy is an effective alternative to CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure. This method keeps the airway open during sleep by forcing air into the mouth through a hose hooked up to a facial mask. Many patients find the CPAP intolerable or even worse than their original symptoms. But the oral appliance offers relief at long last.

Let’s Discuss Sleep Apnea Therapy

Don’t wait to seek sleep apnea therapy with a snoring appliance in Dallas. You deserve the benefits of a full, restful night’s sleep, every single night. Request an appointment to talk about regaining your sleep today!