Lower Your Risk for Cancer with Sleep Apnea Treatment in Dallas

July 27, 2017

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Protect your health with sleep apnea treatment in Dallas.Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that affects more than 18 million Americans. When an obstruction in the airway causes pauses in breathing to occur frequently throughout the night, it has a devastating impact on your quality of life and health if it is not treated. Although many tend to believe that the only complication is the lack of adequate sleep, it can lead to deadly complications, like cardiovascular disease. However, recent research shows that the disorder can increase your risk for cancer as well. To protect your health and quality of life, you need effective sleep apnea treatment in Dallas. Dr. Dale Greer provides the solutions you need to sleep soundly.

Sleep Apnea and Your Risk for Cancer

When your air passages narrow due to an obstruction, it causes you to stop breathing for as much as a minute frequently throughout the night. The lack of proper oxygen levels places a tremendous strain on your body, often increasing your risk for cardiovascular disease. However, recent studies show that the lack of oxygen in body tissues, known as intermittent hypoxia, can lead to the growth of cancerous tumors.

Studies involving lab mice have found that stimulated decreases in oxygen cause vascular progenitor cells and endothelial cells to develop. Over time, these cells become more mature and create blood vessels, which foster the growth of cancerous tumors. This increases the growth factor for vascular endothelial cells and the protein that increases blood vessel formations.

Based on the results of the findings, a frequent decrease in oxygen levels can potentially increase the formation of blood vessels in cancerous tumors by providing them with more nutrients. This can aid the development of various cancers. As a result, it is vital to seek treatment with your sleep apnea dentist in Dallas immediately.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea

In the past, sleep apnea was commonly treated using a CPAP machine, which delivers a steady stream of air through a mask that is worn at night. Although it is effective, many do not like the restrictions, noise, or discomfort that comes along with it. As an alternative, you can now use an oral appliance to treat mild to moderate cases of the condition.

An oral appliance is a custom-fit device that is worn at night to reposition the jaw forward. By doing so, it helps to prevent the airways from collapsing to reduce the pauses in breathing. This restores proper oxygen levels to protect your health and improve your quality of life. However, if the oral appliance is not effective, you may need a CPAP machine. Dr. Greer will evaluate your condition to determine which form of treatment will best meet your needs.

Protect Your Health Today

If you are ready to sleep better and improve your quality of life, it is time to seek treatment for your sleep apnea. Contact Dr. Greer’s office today to schedule your consultation. He will help maintain your oxygen levels and restore a good night’s rest with the right treatment.

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