What’s the Difference with All on 4 Implants in North Dallas?

August 11, 2017

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all on 4 Despite the latest advancements in dentistry, tooth loss is still a prevalent problem with roughly 36 million adults in the Unites States missing all their natural teeth. In the past, your options were limited to replace them, but now you have several solutions at your fingertips. Among the most popular option involves dental implants; however, those with complete tooth loss are often hesitant to choose them because it is believed that each tooth must be replaced individually. However, this is not the case. With All on 4 implants in North Dallas, only four implant posts are needed to complete your smile.

Stop Feeling Insecure with Your Cosmetic Dentist in North Dallas

June 21, 2017

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Get a beautiful smile with your cosmetic dentist in North Dallas. Do you find yourself hiding your teeth in pictures? Maybe you avoid laughing when you are around your friends? If you do not love the appearance of your smile, it is common to feel insecure. It is easy to lose hope and feel as though there is nothing that can be done to improve your confidence. However, you are not out of options. You can give your self-esteem the boost it needs with your cosmetic dentist in North Dallas, Dr. Dale W. Greer. You can achieve the radiant smile you have always wanted using a variety of effective procedures that cater to your specific needs. Together, we will help you stop feeling insecure to let your beauty shine from the inside out.

Visit Your Teeth Whitening Dentist Dallas

October 3, 2015

Woman with a beautiful smile thanks to the teeth whitening dentist dallas prefersTeeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, and it’s easy to see why. Studies show that people with whiter teeth are perceived as happier, healthier, and more attractive. Teeth whitening is even said to make people appear up to ten years younger. Dr. Dale Greer and his Dallas dentistry team offer patients professional teeth whitening options to fit any stain removal needs, budget, and schedule.

Dallas Porcelain Veneers Transform Smiles Quickly and Beautifully

July 10, 2015

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Dale W. Greer DDS in Dallas, TX offers porcelain veneers to beautify patient smiles that are discolored, chipped, misaligned or oddly shaped. Made of high-quality, biocompatible ceramic, veneers create a renewed cosmetic look that’s durable and long-lasting.


Have you heard of porcelain veneers but don’t know much about them? Dallas porcelain veneers–also called dental laminates– are a great dental option to improve the aesthetics of healthy teeth that have stains, chips, cracks, pits or odd shapes. An irreversible, but conservative, dental procedure, ultra-thin, tooth-colored veneers are bonded to the front side of teeth to give great color and form to one or more teeth.